Should I Build or Purchase a Ski Rack?

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Your skis deserve a place to rest when not in use and a ski storage rack is the perfect place. However, not all ski storage racks are created equal. There are plenty of methods and instructions online for putting together your own. But, will building your own ski rack cause unnecessary damage to your skis? It’s possible.

Build: Risk Damage to Your Skis

Your skis must be stored properly to prevent damage. This means that skis and other equipment such as snowboards should be placed on a level surface that does not put unnecessary pressure on the material. Log ski racks such as those built here are made in a way that carefully holds your equipment securely while keeping pressure points in mind.

Building your own storage rack without the proper experience could cause your skis and other equipment to suffer damage from being stored improperly during the offseason. Do you own a ski lodge? Improper or nonexistent storage for your visitor’s equipment could deter them from coming back in the future and risk the integrity of their skis.

Buy: Protect Your Equipment With High-Quality Materials

When you purchase a log ski rack, you’re purchasing years of experience from professional woodworkers. You’re also purchasing the highest quality materials that stand the test of time through years of the outdoor elements. These materials mixed with the proper configuration to keep your skis the right width apart help to protect your equipment.

Purchasing a ski rack also ensures you get the configuration that is unique to your needs. From 4 place snowboard racks to large 17 pair ski racks, we have a configuration to fit your personal requirements or to handle the needs of your ski lodge visitors. Each rack is built within one week of your purchase, making it easy to get what you’re looking for fast.

Get Your Custom Log Ski Rack Today

Purchasing a custom log ski rack is the best option for quick turnaround, exceptional service andthe highest quality product. To get started today, view our online shop. You can also send us a quick message with any questions or concerns.

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