What Material Is Best for Ski Rack Storage?

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It’s hard to predict the first big snowfall of the year, and it’s even harder to know how long the snow will stick around. You want your skis to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, so you can catch that fresh snow before it melts.

Proper ski storage now, throughout the warmer months and into the winter, determines your preparedness for the ski season. Will you be ready?

How to Store Your Skis the Right Way

When shopping for different ski storage solutions, there are several important things to know about correct ski care and storage.

  • Store your skis indoors but take them out of the ski bag. Most ski bags are made from certain fabrics that hold onto excess moisture if not cleaned at season’s end. This can cause your skis to rust. If you are using a ski bag, clean it thoroughly and leave it partly unzipped to allow for air circulation.
  • Before putting your skis away for the summer season, wax them with a heavier coating than usual. This ample wax will keep the bottom of your skisfrom drying out and cracking through warmer and drier
  • Avoid straps or storage solutions that constrict or put pressure on the camber. Strap your skis where the curves naturally meet.

Choosing Your Ski Rack Material

Most ski and snowboard storage racks are constructed from metal, plastic, or wood, and each material has certain benefits, but also certain disadvantages.

  • Metal is durable and can hold a substantial amount of weight. If you apply an epoxy coat, it will be water-tight and rust-proof. However, metal can be sharp and leave scratches in your skis or in the protective wax coating you applied before putting them in storage. You may have to sand the metal edges of your rack, maybe more than once depending on wear and tear.
  • Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive, but more susceptible to the elements. Consistent sun exposure can cause a plastic rack to fade and crack. Plastic is also very sensitive to temperature fluctuation—it adopts the temperature of its environment—and contact with extreme temperatures will damage your skis.
  • Wood is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t require regular maintenance. A wooden ski rack can endure the harsh climate outdoors and complement your indoor cabin décor. It’s nonabrasive and suitable for long-term summer storage and day-to-day storage during the winter season.

Log Kayak Racks Suit All Your Winter Needs

Our log ski racks are made from Northern White Cedar, rated the most weather-resistant wood, and galvanized screws that won’t rust, no matter the weather. We offer several different styles and configurations, so you can choose how you store your skis. We also offer snowboard storage racks. Whatever your winter sport, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about our pre-built and custom ski racks, give us a call at 715-543-2006.

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