Ski Storage & Rack Usage

Racks Built to Suit all Your Sporting Needs by Log Ski Rack

Do you own a ski resort or a secluded cabin in the woods? Maybe you’re trying to store longboards and skateboards during the summer months. Whatever the case may be, Log Ski Rack has a high-quality storage system built for you. We pride ourselves on creating storage to protect your equipment, promising you enjoyment for years to come.

Although the name says ski, we specialize in offering storage solutions to fit longboards, skateboards and snowboards all in one. To keep your equipment safe from weather and increase its longevity, a storage solution is the best option for you.

The Importance of Storing Your Skis & Snowboards

Your skis and sporting equipment take a beating throughout the year. From skiing down your favorite slopes to enjoying your skateboard uptown, moisture and UV rays can damage your equipment over time. In the off-season, it’s important to store it all to keep heat and cold air from warping your skis and causing needless wear and tear.

At Log Ski Rack, we offer unique storage solutions to fit all your equipment on one easy rack. Five different set-ups give you the options you need to store your skis, longboards or skateboards. All our storage racks are finished to match the look and feel of your surroundings while being functional for everyday use.

Various Ski Storage & Rack Usage Options, One Unique Solution

Log Ski Rack offers unique solutions that fit all your needs in one solution. There are five different compositions we create that include:

  • Wall ski racks
  • Free-standing ski racks
  • Ski and snowboard racks
  • Longboard and skateboard racks
  • Snowboard only racks

For those who need something a bit more customized, we offer custom-built options to help you create a storage solution for your unique requirements.

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Discover Your Storage Solution With Log Ski Rack

We’re here to give you a beautiful storage solution that fits your lifestyle, aesthetic and storage needs. To discover how we can create a custom design for you, give us a call today at 715-543-2006 or reach out to us online. Customer service is our top priority and we will always reply to your inquiries. To purchase today, visit our online store to see all of our available products.