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At Log Ski Rack, we’re dedicated to answering all your questions and concerns before and after you purchase. If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to give us a call today at 715-543-2006 or send us a message online.

Can my delivery wait outside until it is assembled?

Yes. All our ski racks are built for indoor and outdoor use. If anything, the box it ships in could get wet because of the elements.

Does the ski rack store more than just skis?

Absolutely. Our ski racks can store snowboards, longboards andskateboards. Plus, we can custom make your rack to fit your unique dimensions.

Is the ski rack assembled at arrival?

No. The ski rack will ship unassembled and in a box by UPS ground. They come with everything you need including glue, torxbits and fasteners for assembly.

Is there a way to order a ski rack without using the online shopping cart?

Yes. Give us a call to order at 715-543-2006.

Can I secure my ski rack to the ground?

We recommend it. You can bolt your rack to any wood surface with wood screws. We offer kits in our online store for easy purchasing as well.

Why are the joints tight during assembly of my rack?

Tight joints keep water and moisture out of your rack. You can use a rubber hammer to gently hammer the joints in to protect the wood. Otherwise, lightly sand the tenons if you can’t get it into the joint.

How do I preserve the life of my ski or snowboard rack?

For free-standing ski racks, the feet should not be in direct contact with the ground. Instead, place them on a landscaping block or other product. Use a stain or other outdoor finish to preserve the wood. For other ski racks, inspect often for moisture and wear.

I received my rack and there’s checking in the wood. Is this normal? Do these cracks affect the structure or sturdiness of the rack?

When Northern White Cedar loses moisture and dries, small cracks will appear in the exterior. These cracks called “checking” are natural and expected. As the logs dry out, they also shrink in size slightly. Checking will not affect the log and does not crack through to the other side. Structurally, checking is not a concern.

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