Canadian Shipping Information

Hassle-Free Shipping For Our Canadian Customers:

All Canadian customers will receive a $100 USD additional charge for Taxes, Duties, and Broker fees for each rack and each accessory will be charged $30 USD for shipping. It is a hassle-free paperless system through UPS. The rack will still arrive in the 2 ½ week timeframe. You could receive a phone call from Customs, in which you should choose UPS broker and sender pays all duties, broker fees, and taxes.

  • Thanks Kurt. Your product was perfect for our cottage. Usually I see something perfect and then find it does not ship to Canada.

  • We would encourage you to give our names and email address (or phone) to anyone who is “sitting on the fence” about ordering your product. By the time, I am done with them, they will be begging you to make it for them!!! We will also definitely write you a recommendation letter when we have a chance here and we are not ruling out a second order. You both have also been wonderful to deal with and we really appreciate your honesty, integrity and conscientious business ethics. It is ever apparent that you are both wonderful people and we wish you all the best in life and business!

    Rhonda, Canada
  • Whether fielding phone calls and emails, mailing us wood color samples, and even finding us a customs broker, you were unfailingly helpful, encouraging and personable. Your outstanding customer service is surpassed only by the AWESOME quality of your product.

    Ingrid, Montreal Canada
  • Great product and smooth delivery! We’re found this product on the web. We received it in Canada one week after we ordered it! Thanks!

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Shipping to Canada!
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