Prevent Damage to Your Rental With a Log Ski Rack

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Winter is almost upon us, and that means skiers and snowboarders will be flocking to the trails and mountains come first snowfall. From a landlord standpoint, the impending winter brings relief knowing there’ll be steady renters for the next several months. But there are also feelings of concern.

If you rent your home or cabin to them in the winter, you may have found that renter’s ski gear can cause significant damage to your property. Their skis and poles can scratch the walls, soaking boots can stain your carpet, heavy snowboards can dent your floors, and shavings from wax and tuning sessions can stick everywhere.

By the end of the season, you may be faced with quite a few expensive repairs. If you rent your property in the summer, these repairs can cut into that lucrative renting time. You can save yourself some money and protect the longevity of your rental home with a log ski rack.

Benefits of a Log Ski Rack

  • A log ski rack can give your renters somewhere to store all their equipment safely. Place a free-standing rack outside, and most of the equipment won’t even have to be brought into your rental home.
  • Secure a hanging log ski rack to a wall in your garage, shed, or basement and give your renters an indoor central location to store their gear.
  • We offer wall racks which can accommodate both skis and snowboards, so no matter your renters’ winter sport of choice, they’ll always have a place to put their equipment.
  • With several different wood stains to choose from, a log ski rack is guaranteed to complement your rental home’s interior.

Log Ski Racks Protect Your Rental

With a log ski rack, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your rental when spring arrives, and your renters will appreciate the convenience and security a rack offers. With all their gear organized and put away, they can enjoy the extra space in your home.

Wherever you place your log ski rack, you can be assured that it will last through even the toughest winter weather and the roughest skiers and snowboarders. Built from Northern White Cedar, your log ski rack can endure low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

To learn more about our pre-built and custom ski racks, give us a call at 715-543-2006.

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