How to Choose a Ski Rack for Your Ski Lodge

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The cooler temperatures are here and at your lodge, skiers are finding their way to the slopes. With them come hundreds of skis, each one requiring proper storage to prevent wear and tear. Whether you are storing skis for visitors or skis of your own, a custom ski storage rack is the perfect option for you.

The Benefits of a High-Quality Ski Storage Rack

There are many benefits to owning your own high-quality ski storage rack. For starters, your ski storage rack keeps your skis off the ground and out of the corner where damage occurs often. Storage racks also keep your storage space organized and allows for easy access to your equipment when you need it.

Ski storage racks look great and help decrease the chances of warping, scratching and chipping of your skis, snowboards and more. For visitors to your lodge, a ski storage rack gives them a place to securely store their skis while not on the slope. Plus, our ski racks are built to withstand any weather for years to come.

Consider Your Ski Rack’s Usage

Before you choose a ski rack for your lodge, consider what you’ll need to use your rack for. Will you be using your rack for skis only? Or, will you need to store other equipment as well? Other questions to consider include:

  • How many skis or other equipment will you need to store?
  • Will you want to hang your storage rack or do you have space for a freestanding rack?
  • Will you store your kayak rack outside or indoors?

The storage rack you choose will depend on these requirements. You’ll want to ensure you choose a configuration and finish to match these needs. We offer a wide range of configurations for skis, snowboards and more including:

  • 10 Place Wall Ski Racks
  • 11 Pair Freestanding Ski Racks
  • 13 Place Freestanding Ski Racks
  • 17 Pair Freestanding Ski Racks
  • 4 Place Snowboard Wall Racks

And so many more! At Log Ski Rack, you’ll find exactly what your ski lodge needs to keep your equipment, and your visitors, happy.

Order the Right Ski Rack for Your Lodge Today

Ready to order your custom ski storage rack? You can shop online now or send us a quick message if you have any questions before ordering.

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