How to Care for Your Ski Storage Rack

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You have a beautiful ski storage rack outside, holding all of your winter sports equipment perfectly. During the winter snow, harsh rain and ice, it still does exactly what you purchased it for. However, how can you ensure it stays beautiful and useful for years to come? An ounce of care can help you preserve the life of your ski rack.

What About the Checking in the Wood of My Ski Rack?

After you receive your log ski rack, you might wonder why there’s checking already in the wood. However, this doesn’t affect the lifespan of your rack at all. In fact, when Northern White Cedar loses its moisture and dries, small cracks will appear; this is called checking. These “checks” are natural and completely expected.

As the log dries, they will shrink in size. Checking doesn’t affect the log and will not crack through to the other side of the log. It also doesn’t affect the structure of your storage rack.

Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Storage Rack

For all log ski racks made out of Northern White Cedar, there are some basic tips for preserving the life of the rack.

No Direct Contact With the Ground

For racks that are free-standing, such as those stored outside, the feet should not be in direct contact with the ground. Instead, they should be placed on a landscaping block or other product to avoid contact. This will prevent wear and tear from the ground shifting.

Use a Stain

To preserve the wood and protect it from UV damage, use a stain or other outdoor finish. Our racks come unfinished or coated with one coat of natural stain or one coat of canyon brown stain. For life extension, we recommend allowing us to stain prior to receiving your rack.

Inspect Often

You should inspect your ski rack often for sources of moisture and wear. You’ll want to inspect to make sure your skis and other equipment is still safely secured. If moisture is found, you can simply move your wood ski rack to a drier location.

Want to Learn More About Caring for Your Ski Rack?

Your ski rack was built to withstand years of wear and tear. However, an ounce of care can make your ski rack last even longer. Do you want to learn more about caring for your ski rack? Send us a message!

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