Hit the Slopes Faster with These Winter Gear Organization Tips

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There’s beautiful, fresh white snow on your favorite hill or mountain! You feel excited as you start to get ready to head out. Wait, where’s your other glove? You start digging through your different jacket pockets and looking around. You finally find it and grab your ski boots that left a dried puddle in the corner where you took them off after your last ski adventure.

Finally, you head to the wall where everyone leans their skis. You have to rummage through the pile to dig out your skis and poles.

You might not be that disorganized, but that process of getting ready for the slopes took way longer than it should have.

Follow these winter gear organization tips and hit the slopes faster and with less stress!

5 Tips for Organizing Winter Gear

Keep Everything in One Area

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential! Keep all your gear in the same area, if possible. This does depend somewhat on your space. If you don’t have a mudroom or entryway, then try to use a wall of the garage, hallway closet, or wall of the living area off of the entrance.

Make it a rule always to keep everything in that area. Whether you ski or snowboard with a couple of friends or your entire family keeping everything in one area will make it much easier to find everyone’s gear and head out.

Designated Jacket Stash

Try to designate a jacket spot for everyone. This way no one is digging around looking for their jacket or the jacket they want to use today when it’s time to go. You can do this by assigning a hanger and spot in the coat closet or setting up a peg system on the wall. You can make the pegs labeled by using colors or initials, so everyone knows which one is theirs.

Ski or Snowboard Rack

Invest in a custom ski or snowboard rack that works for you! For a small space, a wall-mounted rack might work best or if you have a large area with many different sets of skis and boards a large freestanding rack is perfect. Choose a custom rack that fits your winter lifestyle and keep your gear organized, protected, and ready to go.

Boot Mat with Peg Boards

Do your boots make a jumbled mess? Are they able to dry out between each outing? Consider a boot mat and creating a drying system. Simply find a large rubber matt that fits all your boots and use peg boards to be able to tip the boots upside down – this way the boots dry efficiently without dripping on the floor.

Glove and Hat Containers or Pegs

How often do you misplace a glove or hat? Depending on your space and home layout try to configure a container or peg system to create a place for everything. Get in the habit of putting your gloves and hats in the same spot and avoid the rummaging around period.

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