How To Keep Your Skis In Top Condition With Proper Storage

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It’s important to protect your skis from wear and tear. Regular waxing and edge sharpening, along with a big end-of-season tune-up are just part of the game. But a lot of rust and damage can be prevented by properly storing your equipment. Keep your skis in top condition with these storage tips.

  1. Dry off your skis using a soft cloth. The metal edges and bindings can rust if water or snow sits on them for too long.
  2. Place your skis base to base and loosely strap them together where they meet naturally  
  3. Ensure that they are in a natural position, with no pressure on the camber, rocker or brakes.
  4. Store skis upright in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight and has plenty of ventilation

Although keeping your skis in a bag shelters them from sunlight and offers some protection from nicks, we don’t recommend it. Bags can trap moisture which promotes rust. If you do choose to store your skis in a bag, make sure that they are completely dry before storing and unzip the bag for air circulation.

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