How to Get a Custom-Made Longboard Storage Rack

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Storing your outdoor sports equipment can be troublesome, especially when dealing with large longboards. You want them stored off the ground, escaping the wear and tear from the elements. The best way to protect your gear is by creating a custom-made longboard storage rack, made to your unique specifications.

Why Order a Custom-Made Longboard Storage Rack?

Only you understand what you need in a longboard storage rack. A custom-made rack is made to fit your unique specifications including:

  • The number of longboards you’ll need to store and the number of slots needed to accommodate
  • The finish and stain color that matches your ski lodge, cabin or home
  • The type of storage rack you prefer such as freestanding

A custom-made storage rack is created just for you and shipped directly to you with easy to assemble instructions. You can have the perfect storage rack for your longboards and equipment simply and quickly.

How to Purchase a Storage Rack That’s Best for You

Before you purchase, it’s best to understand what type of storage rack you wish to order. To start, how many longboards or other equipment will you need to store? For more than a couple, a freestanding rack might be best for you. If you wish to only display your longboard, a wall rack is a great option to add character to your home.

If your storage rack will be outside, consider the finish. You can choose from unfinished Northern White Cedar or one coat of natural or one coat of canyon brown stain. For locations suffering from harsh weather, finishing with a stain is best.

When you’re ready to purchase, you can get started by using our online shop. Or, if you’re looking for a completely custom build, you can contact us through our website. We’re sure to find the perfect custom-made storage rack for your unique needs.

Need Some Help Ordering Your Rack?

Some longboard racks need to be built to custom specifications such as size, finish and storage options. If you need your longboard rack to meet these special specifications, a custom-made rack might be best for you. To learn more, send us a message!

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