How to Choose the Best Ski Storage Rack for You

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Which kind of ski storage rack you choose, depends on several things. Yet, whichever one you choose you’ll want it to:

  • Keep your storage space organized and dry.
  • Keep your equipment in good condition, avoiding warping, chipping and scratching.
  • Keep the area easy to access and complementary to your overall décor.

Clean your skis and boards before storing them each time you use them and before seasonal storage. Store skis and boards on a quality ski storage rack in a dry place and in a temperature-controlled environment. Consider the following when choosing which rack is best for you:

Ski Rack Material

  • Metal coated with an epoxy will be water-tight, long-lasting and less prone to rusting.
  • Wood or log racks are natural, non-abrasive and coated with gear-friendly stains to keep your gear in shape for many seasons to come.
  • Plastic racks are waterproof and lightweight and generally less expensive.

Ski Rack Location

  • Homes in the northeast ski areas like South Woodstock or Stratton Mountain face much colder winter temperatures and drier air during longer seasons.
  • Southwest area seasonal homes in typical ski areas like Park City, Beaver Creek or Telluride have shorter seasons and more sun earlier in the year.

Ski Rack Usage & Logistics

  • How many pairs of skis or snowboards will you store?
  • How much space do you have for hanging?
  • Do you have room to install a drip tray below the ski storage rack?
  • Does your space lend itself to vertical or horizontal storage?
  • How high are your ceilings?
  • What kind of flooring is in the space where you want to hang the skis?
  • Is the paint or wood wall surface water resistant in the space where you want to hang the ski storage rack?

Ski Rack Maintenance

  • Log ski storage racks are virtually maintenance-free but hewn wood may need to be oiled or stained like a deck at regular interval.
  • Metal edges and peeling paint must be sanded and smoothed, rust-proofed before painting.
  • Plastic may be cold-and-sun sensitive and can fade or crack if the rack is in the sun for extended seasons.
  • Mildew or must form on any surface if you close-up a damp house for the season.
  • Hang your ski storage rack in a location that keeps everything out of the direct sunlight. Heat and sun can damage the composite material from which skis and boards are made.
  • A proper storage rack avoids putting pressure on the camber or rocker.
  • Only store skis on racks that use dowels to hold skis in place when upright. Don’t simply hang skis from dowels without supporting the ends.

Call Us for Help Choosing the Best Ski Storage Solution for Your Needs

Log ski storage racks are ideal for every environment. Wood naturally expands and contracts with the temperature. It is the ideal ski and snowboard storage rack material. Our log ski storage racks keep your skis and boards cool, dry and upright.

We are always ready to help. Call us at 715-543-2006.

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