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Properly storing skis and snowboards daily during ski season and the off-season helps preserve them. Storing them in an attractive waymakes it that much easier to take good care of your equipment and enjoy it for years to come. Here are some ideas for storing skis in every budget.

Alpine Ski Chalet

An Alpine-style architect-designed new-construction ski chalet in northern California showcases a ski room with built-in storage for just about everything you can think of. The chalet features an open-storage rustic wood hutch for golf, ski and snowboard equipment.

Using reclaimed wood from the surrounding area, the home provides lots of efficient storage space for boots on the bottom and skis on top. A featured alcove with a rounded, coved top, perfectly displays a coordinated log ski rack for ample vertical storage. A rustic wood table in the middle of the room provides a quick drop-and-pickup point for gloves, hats andglasses. Rustic floor tiles complete the general, alpine motif in a pine and terracotta palette.

A Spare Room in the Attic

An attic ski room uses the roof rafters as support. Built-in racks and cubby holes in an A-frame attic use a horizontal rack for skis that fit between the rafters. Insert them vertically behind the horizontal support in a corner nook of the attic space and organize built-in or modular storage areas for boots and other gear.

On an adjacent wall, you can install hooks for hanging coats and jackets. If you have a heat vent nearby you can install some hooks nearby for hanging damp items and stinky boots that need some heat to dry out. Use rubberized flooring to keep moisture from seeping to the floor below. It’s almost foolproof and commonly used in airports.

Short on Space?

Look around your home for a few, spare feet between two windows or in an unused corner. These prime wall spaces between windows and in corners are an often-overlooked space bonanza for adding extra storage. Here, you can hang a vertical or horizontal ski racka foot or so above the window-sash height, depending on the distance between the windows. You can fit three or four pairs of skis on a rack and can even build boot storage below. Corner spaces provide the same options.

Incorporating a full-length mirror as backdrop helps expand the space. You can check out how you look before hitting the slopes too. Add some pegs or hooks for hanging jackets and scarves on each side of the mirror. Build in some vertical storage and install a wood ski rack for skis and boards and some bottom cubbies for boots. Mix in reclaimed barn wood for an eclectic look that is equally modern and historic.

We’re Here to Help!

Call us at 715-543-2006 for more ideas on using our wood ski storage racks. We can help you choose the right size and the right style and configuration for your space. And, we love seeing photos of our products and your designs from your homes in Vail to Midway to South Woodstock.

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