Where Can I Use a Ski Storage Rack?

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Ski racks fit in any size space. You can find them in a variety of sizes and in vertical or horizontal orientations that will fit anywhere in your home or garage. The best news is that everyone can afford to buy a quality ski storage rack, regardless of your budget. We offer products that fit your needs and fulfill your dreams!

Hang Your Skis in a Nook in the Hall or in the Garage

If you’re short on space inside your house, get creative and find a wall in the back hall or on the stairway to the basement that’s empty. Unused spaces on the back of the door to the garage or basement, or in the garage also make perfect ski and snowboard storage-spots.

Log ski racks look even more attractive when attached to a bead-board wall or used as a design feature on the wall or corner nook.

The Mudroom

If yourhouse has a mudroom, you have even more options. With the extra space, you can build-out a more customized storage and changing area. Homes in well-known ski areas like Vail, Snowmass and Aspen design-in at least a mudroom with generous equipment-storage areas that include arrangements such as:

  • Ski and snowboard storage on top of a bench or open boot-box used to store boots and shoes
  • A corner nook with up-and-down shelves holding ski boots and an adjacent closet for ski and board storage. Or, install a shelf above the ski rack for horizontal boot storage
  • In a bin type of arrangement where individual tall cups hold each ski in place in a storage bin out of cedar wood, pine or other interestingly grained woods, the cedar acts as a refresher for the boots

The Ski Room

If you have space, build a custom “ski room” into your home or design it into your architectural plans. Becoming more and more popular in new construction, ski rooms provide a luxurious place to get ready for your winter sport-of-the-day. Built-in, closeted storage space with stained-wood doors keeps everything clean and clutter hidden. Choose a heated, terracotta floor that works with your chalet’s décor and you’ve created a practical dressing and storage room for your skiing wardrobe and gear.

Ski rooms serve a luxurious purpose akin to a pool or beach house. And, they can match the style and scale of the rest of your home. If the terracotta, Italian Alpine look is not your thing, consider using lighter, sleeker colors or stains on the cabinets. Think of the room’s organization like you would a custom closet. Place ski racks closest to the door, incorporating a custom drip pan below.

Many designs are built around a central island that houses socks, hats, gloves and everything else you need for the outdoors in one handy location. Along the walls, you’ll find built-in wardrobes for vertical ski and board storage, jackets and clothing. Near ground level,you can store boots and shoes. Install warmers for gloves and boots for an extra layer of luxe.

We Have Just the Log Ski Rack to Fit Your Space

Contact us for additional design ideas and specifications. We are happy to help you find the perfect ski storage solution. Call us at 715-543-2006 for more information.

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