Why Skiing is a Great Workout

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After a day of hitting the slopes, usually, your body feels tired and possibly sore, and you feel hungry and happy. You could have guessed that skiing is good for you, but how good is skiing as exercise? Skiing is a great way to get outside during the winter months, burn calories, and tone your body. It sounds like a win-win!

Learn more about what makes it a great workout and what exercise moves you can do to prep for ski season to maximize your time in the snow.

Skiing is Exercise

Skiing is an incredible mix of cardio and resistance and provides a good workout for your heart and your body from your legs, back, and core. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the average skier burns 223 calories per 30 minutes. A full day of skiing can burn over 1,000 calories, and you’re having fun doing it!

Skiing is a favorite winter activity that gets you outside during cold months. You glide down the slopes taking in the fresh air and Vitamin D that we need to feel good. Many of us lack Vitamin D during the winter months, and skiing is a great way to soak it in.

Your entire body benefits from skiing. However, your legs and butt are the two areas with the most toning benefit during skiing. You use your legs and glutes to traverse and navigate the slopes as you head down, which naturally tones those areas.

How Good is Skiing as a Workout?

Skiing is a great overall workout for your body that can be adapted for your physical ability. Heading down the bunny hill is different than pushing yourself through deep powder; however, both provide a great ski workout. Downhill skiing is naturally in intervals. You work hard heading down the hill but then rest as your ride back up to do it again.

When you plan to hit the slopes, treat it like a workout. It’s important to stay hydrated during your day of skiing and protecting your skin from the sun.

Exercise Moves for Ski Season

Are you looking to warm up your body for hitting the slopes? You can add these exercises into your workout throughout the year so that your legs, core, and back are ready for a great skiing workout.

Make sure you warm up with some light stretching before jumping into these exercise moves. You can add these into your current workout routine or do these at home a few times a week.

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Single-Leg Deadlifts
  • Squat Jumps
  • Planking
  • Russian Twist

You can add in your own cool-down routine with light stretching. It’s important to remember to stretch or create a cool-down for after you go skiing. This cool-down process will help your body post-ski, and you’ll get even more benefits.

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