15″ Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable


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  • Requires a small socket set or wrench to tighten cable clamps
  • This kit helps hold the rack to the ground in high wind locations and for security.
  • Kit includes: 2 @ ½ x 15″ screw anchor, 2 @  40” long plastic-coated cable, 4 @ ¼ Cable clamps



Kayak Rack Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable Installation Details

  1. Insert the sharp tip of a spiral ring anchor into the dirt near the bottom center of the rack, if you are using one twist anchor. If you are using more than one, evenly space out.
  2. Twist the anchor by hand so that it spirals into the soil. Stop when the spiraled section is completely hidden underground and only the ring on top of the anchor is visible.
  3. Run the cable through the ring at the top of the anchor, then pass this same line over and around the center cross rail on kayak rack.
  4. Secure the cable using cable clamps provided. Tighten straps to keep rack tight to the anchors in the ground.
  5. This method can be completed by using a kit purchased from LogKayakRack.com. This method can be used to protect the rack from being stolen or from strong winds.

1 review for 15″ Ground Screw Anchor Kit Including Cable

  1. Kelly (Verified Rack Owner)

    Works as stated – anchors rack in place

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